How To Build Your Own NFT Real Estate Marketplace?

While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were initially associated primarily with investments in art, they soon became popular in the context of real estate. The emergence of NFTs has opened up a range of opportunities and functionalities for companies looking to take their business to the next level.

NFTs are nothing more than digital assets traded on a decentralized exchange platform. Because they’re built using blockchain technology, they authenticate the customer’s ownership of the digital asset and secure the transaction data.

NFTs can represent both physical and digital real estate assets. In this blog, we will focus on digital real estate assets.

The metaverse has opened numerous virtual games with NFT real estate that represent digital assets as NFTs. Decentraland is one such game that represents virtual land as NFTs. This game introduced the idea of converting important real estate into NFTs for blockchain enthusiasts.

Decentraland also sparked debate about the many possibilities of physical real estate. Using blockchain to streamline transaction processes, authenticate documents, and reduce paperwork are some of the key benefits that the real estate community could leverage to address issues related to real estate ownership and financing.

Considering the fact that land minting has made trading extremely easy and straightforward for users, the crypto community has established several exclusive NFT marketplaces. At Brugu, we are committed to creating top-notch NFT virtual real estate marketplaces for our clients.

How does our NFT real estate marketplace work?

First, the legal preparations for selling real estate as NFT must be completed, followed by the minting of the NFT, which includes the legal sales documents, descriptions, videos, photos and disclosure agreements for the important property. The seller must connect their digital wallet to the marketplace where they upload their NFT once the minting process is complete.

Our virtual NFT real estate marketplace then accepts the NFT. Once the NFT is uploaded, the virtual property is posted to the listing area for buyers. In the bidding area, the NFT is made available to potential buyers for bidding. After the bidding process is completed, the NFT is then available for purchase. The transaction can be conducted using any cryptocurrency or fiat currency. The seller’s digital wallet is topped up with the value of the crucial property. The final step is the transfer of ownership, where the customer must fill out some paperwork to gain full possession of the NFT.

The advantages of our NFT real estate marketplace

Highly secure: our NFT real estate marketplace is based on powerful blockchain technology that secures all transactions and prevents knowledge theft.

Easily transferable: Since our NFT marketplace is built exclusively for trading real estate-based NFTs, the transfer of NFTs is conveniently handled.

Proof of ownership: as our NFT real estate marketplace is built on blockchain network, the ownership of the important real estate NFTs is verified accurately.

Low transaction fee: our real estate NFT marketplace is an exclusive marketplace, so the network congestion is lower, resulting in low transaction cost.

Why Brugu for developing your real estate NFT marketplace?

Brugu has developed NFT marketplaces for its clients around the world. Some of the key benefits of using our services for your NFT real estate marketplace are:

  • The team is very familiar with the development of NFT marketplaces thanks to its many years of experience in the crypto field.
  • We support the customization requirements of our clients, providing you with a tailor-made NFT real estate forum.
  • Our company is able to extend your marketplace to various blockchain networks, such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, TRON, etc.
  • Our development process is fast and cost-effective. We offer post-shopping tasks in addition to the development of your NFT project.
  • Our post marketing services include content marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing, and influencer marketing to increase your awareness among investors.
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