To Launch NFT based card Game Like Splinterlands on Popular Blockchain Network Splinterlands

Our Splinterlands Software, anyone can begin a game designed for NFTs and runs on the Popular Blockchain Network. Brugu as the top Blockchain Game Development Company helps players to create a Non-Fungible Token game that is based on Splinterlands on the Popular Blockchain Network.

Splinterlands features:

  • 100% decentralized
  • Fast transaction
  • Ability to port smart contracts between ETH and BSC Network
  • Low transaction fees
  • Splinterlands own token SPS – offered as a gift to players.
  • The token is configured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
  • Smart contracts published on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) network.
  • Players can be willing to put SPS tokens and use them for governance votes within the DAO.
  • The tokens will be 100% controlled and accessible by the token holder community.

Advantages of our Splinterlands game development:

  • Two-click blockchain account creation
  • True digital scarcity and complete transparency
  • Use of WAX ExpressTrade for secure and convenient exchanges.
  • Turnkey P2P trading system for digital collectible images.
  • Enables free and instant transactions for video games
  • Highly secured digital trading card apps

WAX Blockchain on Splinterlands Gaming Development:

The WAX blockchain integration is that the idea of global-based asset eXchange that designs and delivers the most secured and convenient thanks to create, buy, sell and trade digital products for anyone, anywhere in the worldwide. we provide Splinterlands on the WAX blockchain network that allows you to style and deliver a custom NFT-based gaming platform like Splinterlands. This Splinterlands game development on WAX blockchain develops the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) easily accessible to the players and affordable.

Develop your own NFT marketplace like Splinterlands:

Develop your own digital card game and NFT marketplace by availing our Splinterlands solutions at brugu.

We design and develop a Splinterlands-like marketplace where crypto-players can buy, sell and trade digital collectibles and trading cards using blockchain technology.

The blockchain-powered NFT game concept has opened up more profitable business opportunities for investors, the crypto people. The NFT gaming business model has become a great profitable platform for crypto investors and gamers to take a position and meet the demand in the digital space.

So, now is the right time to start your own blockchain-powered NFT marketplace like Splinterlands. Our NFT marketplace gaming platform development solutions and services will make you a top performer within the blockchain-based NFT gaming domain.

Why Brugu for Spliterands Clone development?

We are the leading Blockchain Game Development Company that helps you quickly build your own highly secure Blockchain-based NFT gaming platform with best-in-class features and functionalities for your specific business needs and requirements. We have 10+ years of industry experience

  • Ready-to-Start NFT Gaming Platform.
  • Add revenue models, rewards and loyalty programs.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices (both Android and iOS apps).
  • 100% white label solutions 150+ dedicated team of blockchain experts.
  • 15+ blockchain networks that we know.
  • User-friendly platform interface
  • Prompt project delivery
  • Multilingual support is available.
  • Technical support is available
  • SEO-friendly platform

If you want to develop your own blockchain-powered NFT gaming platform like Splinterlands, Brugu is the best place to start.

Our Splinterlands Gaming Development is highly customizable and adaptable, allowing you to switch it in line with your required business needs. We have a large team of skilled technical professionals who can share their skills in building a highly profitable and secure gaming platform for your business.

Brugu Written by:

Brugu team contributes the time on blockchain research to gain knowledge and maintains consistency in implementing the best practices on development of software".The team develops decentralized business applications and blockchain technology integrated business solutions to transform and improve traditional business processes. Every obstacle to start blockchain business has to be abolished if we want to build a better and brighter business growth.

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