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One of India's most rapidly expanding blockchain development and engineering firms, Brugu Software Solutions, has announced the start of a fresh hiring drive in India and the pursuit of expanding business prospects.

Blockchain development firm maintains India expansion plans, claiming the industry is resilient.

Brugu, a blockchain development company, wins a $25 million jackpot. A newfound passion for NFT and Metaverse, as well as a favourable legal environment and growing interest in blockchain.

Blockchain development giant Brugu makes US 25 million windfall gains

Transforming Education Through Blockchain: Mouttou Viramouttou is Co-founder & Chairman, Brugu Software Solutions and Co-founder, UniDirect said.

Adoption of blockchain technology in real estate to boost the economy

Blockchain in Real Estate: Stakeholder integration is key to success. Blockchain in real estate has only begun to take baby steps in India, and it is important that all stakeholders come together and align themselves to unshackle its true potential