Crypto Token Development

A crypto token is a type of Cryptocurrency featuring different characteristics from that of Altcoins. While altcoins refer to currencies other than Bitcoin, Crypto Token is a representation of an asset or utility. For instance, a crypto token may represent a fixed number of services, loyalty points, or any content on the network.

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Why Crypto Token Development

It is a massive business prospect increasing the demand for crypto token development. These are the tokens (of value) that give you the right to access any services or product on the blockchain network. From the business perspective, a crypto token is a trending idea that is pushing enterprises and entrepreneurs to launch ICOs. Further Readings:

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The following are the features of a Crypto Token

  • Crypto tokens or cryptos are not digital money. Rather, they are digital assets, transferable and exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies or tokens.
  • A token is a cryptographically secure string of data or information.
  • Tokens are created on an existing blockchain.
  • Tokens operate on a blockchain to facilitate transactions for developing decentralize apps and execute smart contracts.
  • Crypto tokens are distributed in the standard ICO Process.

Business Perspective of
-Crypto Token Development

The cryptocurrency rose to massive prominence in the financial world a couple of years before. Now, even if the market is not that bullish, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The recent development in the approach of authorities and governments across the world is sure to standardize this industry. The following facts establish the prominence of cryptos in the market.

  • In the first half of 2018, there were claims of ICO raising funds of about US$ 15B. The demand still continues to grow.
  • Blockchain is becoming popular in the enterprise ecosystem, pushing forward the popularity of technologies behind cryptos.
  • Upcoming regulations in the cryptos market will make cryptos standard and globally acceptable digital assets.
  • Since Tokens are comparable to a medium of technology exchange, they will have more relevance with better innovations.
  • Tokens are synonymous as utilities of the blockchain platform, hence, they can be marketed easily.

Crypto Token Development Services by Brugu Blockchain

Brugu Blockchain offers comprehensive ICO & Crypto Token Development Services. Also, we extend our support services for your ICO campaign. Brugu Blockchain provides a wide array of ICO development services, from conceptual token design (creation) and ICO smart contracts to the website (landing page) design, maintenance, and marketing.

End-to-end ICO management

We ensure that your ICO project is being managed with due diligence, from scratch to realization.

Token Creation (development)

Enhanced token design to form the conditions for improved API infrastructure and increase the performance.

Escrow Services

We can efficiently manage Bitcoin/Altcoin/Ethereum escrows that hold the funds until the development of the service is not done and ready for public purchase.

Pre-ICO strategy

We enable access to the pre-ICO participants to make sure that the ICO is a more non-complex relation than a bootstrapped chaos.

White-paper Services

A whitepaper is the most fundamental aspect of every ICO. We have a team of content writers who ensure that every written word in the white-paper is of value.

Crypto Token Development Process – How it Works


Our blockchain experts brainstorm with our clients to transform your ideas into an achievable vision that is then presented in a scientific whitepaper.


Once we have presented the whitepaper, we ramp up curiosity and interest for the altcoin among avid crypto users and the general community via Telegram, Steemit, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. We also set up an investor dashboard.


We open up the Initial Coin Offering at the right time so that you reach your desired investment goals. We also offer coins to the public based on the price you determine.

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