Fungible assets refer to an item that is traded or exchanged for a constant or equivalent value of assets. In contrast, in a non-fungible asset, the item cannot be changed or exchanged for an identical value because each asset is exclusive or dissimilar. Ownership of the asset is usually traced back to its origin.


Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and thus the other fungible tokens, transactions are made directly. Inside NFT, to initiate a trade requires a unique platform to undertake to try to do so. This exceptional platform is known as a marketplace, where all buying and selling of a digital asset takes place in a decentralized manner. Marketplaces are built to support the Ethereum blockchain. The transaction on this platform is completed either by selling an asset at a fixed price or through an auction. Most marketplace platforms require buyers/sellers to have an electronic wallet to proceed with the transaction. Some marketplaces are exclusive, but most marketplace platforms focus on creating and selling art.


Two primary methods often develop non-fungible token marketplaces; the direct method is the customised marketplace where the user can create his marketplace platform. Therefore, the second method is integration with OpenSea SDK. By combining with OpenSea Software Development Kit, the user can generate the platform for a short time. However, the main disadvantage is that it limits the creation of the marketplace. In contrast, with a Custom Made Marketplace, the user can design the marketplace platform according to their own ideas.


There are several marketplaces for buying and selling digital assets such as Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, Atomic Market, etc. There are marketplaces where users can buy or sell specific digital assets, such as NBA Top Shot, where basketball videos, cards and images are sold.

Most marketplaces charge a fee for gas, which is the energy consumed during a transaction process. This fee is usually paid with USD that is converted to Ethereum, and therefore the cost of gas varies for all marketplaces.

NFT’s sales process is quite different. The marketplaces are based on the fee for the gas, the payment method, etc. The quality procedure for selling a digital asset on the marketplace platform is. First, the user is asked to upload the content of the digital asset he wants to sell; then, the minting process takes place to convert it into an NFT; after the conversion process, the outline is added to the content, and thus, the value in which it is to be sold is added in addition to the planning. Ethereum is the most commonly used model for a cryptocurrency.

Why is the development of the NFT marketplace a promising source of revenue?

The NFT marketplace can be a multi-million dollar revenue system that early adopters of NFT used to develop their revenue streams by leveraging the potential of NFT in some kind of industry. NFT’s unique features and specialization provide a variety of services in the market that offer significant investment opportunities for better results. NFT tokens are individual tokens generated through the collectibles or signature products such as art, music, games assets. The development of NFT marketplace platform will help you to tokenize your collectibles.

This marketplace serves as an enormous revenue system for artists, musicians and other unique creators. Its importance in the arts and games enhance several services with the blending of AR /VR. The digitization of land infrastructure into Non-Fungible Tokens introduces the industry of land and architecture in virtual environments. The importance of NFTs within the marketplace enables the innovation of numerous services that are currently being explored.

A few quick starters like OpenSea and Rarible have opened their marketplace for non-fungible tokens, increasing the curiosity of collectors seeking unique products. This huge marketplace is limited with only 27 individual digital art marketplaces at ETH, with SuperRare, MakersPlace, Async Art and Known Origin generating between $1 million and $8 million in revenue, which is simply too little for the service’s vast capabilities. The experts at Brugu Software Solutions thought it was the perfect time to capitalise on the new crypto fortune. They decided to provide a reliable NFT marketplace development platform for early NFT adopters to create their multi-million revenue system.

Features of the NFT marketplace


The interoperable feature within the NFT allows NFT to be traded in different virtual environments and marketplaces. This allows NFT token holders to take advantage of sophisticated trading features, bidding, bundling, the ability to sell in markets, and application-specific currencies.


Bringing non-fungible tokens into public blockchains allows developers to create mundane, reusable, and inheritable standards relevant to all or any non-fungible tokens. This includes such basic primitives as transferring and easily controlling access to the item you are tokenizing. This enables standardization of your collectibles represented in NFT for display in the marketplace.


The instant tradability of non-fungible tokens leads to increased liquidity.NFT tokens are often held as collateral for liquid cash or other types of cryptocurrencies for quick cash. The large pool within the market provides instant liquidity with a huge audience within the marketplace.NFTs have the power to expand the marketplace for unique digital properties.


The NFT standards (ERC 721 tokens and ERC 1155 tokens) allow interaction with multiple ecosystems. When a replacement project is launched in NFT, it is immediately visible to wallet providers to trade NFT within the marketplace. These projects are often displayed among a variety of available marketplaces. The open standards provide a transparent, consistent, reliable, and permissioned API for reading and writing data to achieve this capability


Of course, like all other digital assets, non-fungible tokens are fully programmable. CryptoKitties (which we’ll discuss later) have a breeding mechanic built right into the contract that represents the digital cats. Many of today’s non-fungible tokens have more complex mechanisms, such as forging, crafting, redeeming, random generation, etc., the planning space is full of possibilities.


Smart contracts allow developers to massively scarce the availability of non-fungible tokens and enforce persistent properties that cannot be changed after non-fungible tokens are issued. A developer can programmatically specify that only a selected number of a selected rare item be created often. Developers can also enforce that certain properties don’t change over time by encoding them onthe chain. This improves the individuality of your creation.

Our Non-Fungible Token Marketplace offers.


Create an exclusive platform to showcase individual uniqueness in the field of art.


Create a detailed marketplace to drift in rhythm and hold ownership of your favorite music.

NFT for games

Get into the gaming galaxy by acquiring partial ownership of your favorite games and their accessories.

Digital collectibles

Create your marketplace to showcase your rare collections. aMetaverses

The NFT marketplace for metaverses combines AR, VR and physical spaces into one.


Showcase and display your photography skills via a fanatical platform and trade securely NFTS.


NFT Marketplace for Domains maintains a general ledger to keep a specific set of domains for future and further use.


NFT Marketplaces in Sports mainly want to use assets that are different and unique in values.

Features of the development of the ERC 721 + 1155 Non-Fungible Token Marketplace.


The rankings of NFTs will be listed with their volume, average, price and other top statistics for NFT on an hourly basis. This will allow token holders to understand the demand and position of their tokens in the market.


Our marketplace offers bundled services that allow users to offer their tokens in packages. A customer can bundle up to 30 items, allowing them to sell multiple tokens at an efficient gas fee.


The NFT marketplace platform we developed allows users to make different offers: Fixed price offers, sale offers, and English auction offers. The method is different for each type of offer.

Dutch auction

A seller can create a sale by selecting a starting price, a final price and an auction duration. The seller starts the auction with a price that is higher than the expected demand, and therefore the price decreases over time.

English Auction:

A seller offers an item that can be purchased at a minimum price and waits for bids. After a certain time, the seller accepts the best offer. This type of auction has become popular through eBay. It is commonly associated with fast-talking, hammer-wielding auctioneers.


Recently listed

See our marketplace for details on recently listed items in our marketplace.

Recently born

Recently made items are displayed in our marketplace

Expiring soon

The exclusive auction period for an item is displayed here

Lowest price

The lowest priced items are listed in the buyers favor.

Highest price

The most expensive items are displayed here.

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We provide API and external wallet integration capabilities to provide the most straightforward user experience to the clients.


The NFT marketplace development solutions we provide are often developed in multiple blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Matic, Flow, Rubix for a flexible marketplace like Raible and the open sea.

Brugu Software Solutions has been providing unusual business development solutions in Blockchain for the past four years. Our deep heritage enables us to deliver several Blockchain solutions that are trending in the market. Our service offering in Blockchain is attracting a lot of interest from clients all over the world.

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