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Brugu's Blockchain's Ethereum development Services and Solutions can help you strengthen your business processes and create world-class decentralized apps which are revolutionized by Ethereum.

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Before you invest in Ethereum Development, here’s what you should answer first

Ethereum is a free software platform that uses Blockchain Technology to allow developers to create decentralized apps. Surprisingly, such apps may be performed without interruption, and there is no risk of fraudulent activity thanks to Smart Contract Audits.

Ethereum development is a versatile technique for creating fully scalable apps that are suited to the specific needs of a business. Ethereum app development is a current invention that is already proven to be a terrific tool for creating and managing blockchain systems, transparent smart contracts etc.

Although Ethereum is the most often used platform, platforms like EOS, Fusion, and TRON are becoming increasingly popular. Have you conducted a comparison study?

Do you realize that by investing in Ethereum Development, you are investing in a permissionless network?

Once published on the public net, Ethereum Smart Contracts are available to everyone. Have you determined your idea's business model?

Is your target audience a cryptocurrency native, or have they never heard of Ethereum?

How many transactions per second do you expect your project to generate?

Ethereum development services

Our all-encompassing Ethereum development services improve your existing business applications and add value to your business operations.

Smart Contracts Development

Use our smart contract development services to make corporate contract execution more efficient, secure, and automated. We assist you in achieving high operational efficiency, reducing manual labor, and saving money on important procedures.

Ethereum dApps

Our Ethereum developers translate your vision into reality by designing safe and scalable decentralized apps using an agile approach. Our dApp development services are applicable to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, logistics, utilities, and many more.

Ethereum Network Launch

As part of the Ethereum Network Launch Service, our team assists you with launching Ethereum nodes for public and private networks, as well as ensuring that the network is constantly up and running with minimal downtime.

Ethereum Blockchain

Brugu employs a wide range of modern tools and technology to create sturdy and secure Blockchain Development solutions.

Ethereum Tokens

Our company has experience in integrating functionalities like Upgradable, Burnable, Mintable, Transferable, and Haltable in your Ethereum Token's smart contract.

Ethereum Wallet

We create Ethereum Wallets for safeguarding and retaining Ether and other Crypto-assets produced on the Ethereum network for financial transactions.


Totally transparent

Completely customized

Decentralized application with great power

Experience in creating smart contracts

Ethereum solutions that are inexpensive

Blockchain solutions powered by innovation

Extremely safe

Tools For Ethereum Testing

Slither & Others

Tool for security of Ethereum Smart Contracts.


Tool for linting of Ethereum Smart Contracts.


Tool for ascertaining code coverage on Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Roadmap for Ethereum Development

Assessment of Feasibility

Experienced Blockchain consultants and developers examine the viability of developing Blockchain applications by measuring business goals at each stage.

Identification of the Platform

Based on the business needs and the type of solution framework to be produced, the consulting team selects the best-fit Blockchain platform.

PoC Development

Ideation, design, and creation of a working prototype to verify the use case. The demo is used to assess the feasibility of the complete solution.

App Development

Blockchain app front and back-end development, as well as rigorous testing, are required to create a robust, cost-effective, and dependable solution.

Blockchain App Integration

Integration of the full-scale solution with other applications, as well as supervision of company operations.

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