Starting a business is not just about having individual ideas. It’s mostly about turning your ideas into reality. The best innovative business ideas that can cause a revolution in a short time remain an idea without the perfect direction.

The world, a huge populated area, has a considerable number of human resources. The problem of unemployment is a common scenario in this world.

If you focus on the young generation in the world, you will find that they choose different ways to lead their lives.

But a person who wants to live an independent life instead of working from 9 to 5 surely dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Do you know which business is the best choice for you?

Maybe you have already decided on a path you want to take. But is that path as smooth as you think?

Yes or no. In this case, you can evaluate yourself if you have some profitable business ideas.Based on the recent research, it is found that most businesses need a large amount of investment nowadays as the market is more competitive compared to the past.

I hope you know about Non Fungible Token and DeFi. Well, DeFi NFT you should know from this article.

Hey, you guys know a lot about social media. And people also spend most of their time on social media. Well, most of the business people are diving into NFT happily.

Now you can draw a conclusion. Start to develop your DeFi NFT social media platform.

DeFi NFT Social Media Platform Development:


Social media is always attracting the attention of the audience, and we literally spend many hours on it. As a crypto enthusiast, have you ever thought of such a social media platform exclusively for crypto clients? Torum will provide you with a solution. It’s a social media platform designed specifically for cryptocurrency users. It’s packed with NFT and DeFi innovations, and that makes it unique in the market. Let’s quickly start discussing Torum in depth and its importance in creating your own social media platform.

Yield farming, liquidity mining and other terms that come from the DeFi space. It’s impressive to see how the total value tied up in DeFi has grown exponentially from about $650 MIL in January 2020 to $45 trillion in March 2021. This huge increase occurred in just 14 months and confirms the success of the DeFi industry.

As DeFi’s contribution continues to grow, a new wave of blockchain innovations called non-fungible tokens is taking the crypto world by storm. The minds of the crypto and non-crypto communities have been taken over by the rise of the NFT domain.

“Every crypto trend is built on the solid foundation of utility and value”

With the great rise of crypto trends, the crypto space has unknowingly entered a new era of utility innovation, which may eventually bring about the mainstream acceptance of crypto. Currently, the crypto world is trying to integrate the social media platform with NFT and DeFi.


Torum can be a social media platform created specifically to blend DeFi and NFT with the social media platform. This DeFi-NFT social media platform strives to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users to create a one-stop industry crypto ecosystem.

Unlike other social media platforms, Torum positions itself as a social media platform that is always ready to adopt the latest innovations in DeFi-NFT social platform development. This is an excellent strategic move.

“The rise of DeFi and NFT could be a real catalyst to bring a wave of newcomers into the space, and Torum is certainly their ideal starting point”

It’s difficult to compete face-to-face with social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, which is why Torum is basically designed just for cryptocurrency users.

The integration of DeFi and NFT gives crypto communities a solid reason to join Torum, while ensuring that the platform remains attractive only to people interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related discussions.

Social media + DeFi + NFT = Torum!

Torum is a BEP-based platform powered by XTM, BEP-20 tokens (cross-chain swap on Ethereum blockchain network) and exploring every angle to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens and DeFi functionalities.

An overview of Torum

Before we dive deep into Torum concepts, let’s start with some basics and know what Torum is all about. As mentioned, Torum (Beta) is the first social media that combines DeFi and NFT innovations on one platform. The name Torum was born from the fusion of the terms “tokenization” and “forum”. This platform strives to unite crypto users around the world to determine an end-to-end industry crypto ecosystem. It works on remote crew management. They’re a bunch of 18 representatives which includes the founders and core developers from India, Malaysia, Turkey, and etc., with excellent knowledge in UI /UX, smartphone applications, cybersecurity, and more.

The platform was developed from top to bottom with an initial development fund of $300,000. It’s just launched with 1000 starting users, while it currently needs 25,000 active users. Among 50,000 ranks secured by Alexa, it remains one of the top platforms for crypto communities from different parts of the planet. In short, crypto followers could stay connected and absorb access to all or any of the crypto-based services on Torum.

DEFI NFT SOCIAL PLATFORM When acquiring knowledge of the platforms Defi and NFT, the user should consult with the company that creates the social platform DeFi NFT.


Torum relies on gamification elements and token utility to deliver the simplest crypto social experience on the DeFi NFT social media development platform. In this future, Torum aims to become the adoption bridge connecting the general public to the crypto industry.

DeFi NFT social media platforms are often developed almost like Torum by getting in touch with the right DeFi NFT social platform creation company.

To create a DeFi NFT social media platform, clients should have the highest level of knowledge about the DeFi and NFT industry. After gathering the knowledge about the DeFi and NFT platforms, the user should conclude with the DeFi NFT social platform development company. The DeFi NFT social platform development agency should be one of the easiest companies to work with and should excel in providing the client with the easiest desired result.

The so-called DeFi and NFT innovations

The main strategy behind the organization is that it’s a great challenge to face the established and well-known social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Thus, Torum is essentially structured only for the audience that adores blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As mentioned earlier, it’s DeFi and NFT’s innovations that make Torum a unique platform in the crypto market. It yearns to embrace the latest innovations in utility. Oh Go, the CEO of Torum, says, “The rise of DeFi and NFT can be the best catalyst to bring a wave of new entrants into the space, and Torum is certainly their ideal starting line.” Produce, it makes the platform stand out from other crypto social media competitors, allowing users from different backgrounds, even those who don’t share the same crypto interest affect.

The development of crypto innovations like DeFi and NFT helps crypto communities with dynamic reasons to join Torum, while the platform remains captivating only for participants who show great interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain-related concepts.


Decentralized finance had a slow start, and it took a few years for people to understand the potential of such an elegant system. With the demand for faster and smoother applications, the number of DeFi projects increased significantly. It’s not news that DeFi can replace many of the financial middleware used today. Numerous projects are already implementing the DeFi protocol in many applications, and the application of DeFi in social media platforms is the latest and newest application that’s expected to have a longer run in the future thanks to the implementation of DeFi and NFT.

Advantages of crypto-based social media

Among the various advantages of such platforms are,

Listing of crypto projects: Any fashionable, latest or perhaps upcoming projects can be listed on the platform. These updates make the crypto community aware of your projects.

Social gamification: join your crypto friends and play games to collect the tokens like XTMs in Torum.

Crypto atmosphere: it provides a good opportunity to interact with many crypto enthusiasts with the same interests. Interact with them to have either fun discussions or serious knowledge sharing sessions.

A single token with maximum use cases: Tokens issued on platforms provide participants with a wealth of features and capabilities.

No divergent audience: unlike other platforms, it doesn’t target the ordinary audience that’s no knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Thus, it leads you to stay only with serious crypto lovers.

A comprehensive decentralized ecosystem: by favoring a scalable UI /UX, it aims to shape a comprehensive decentralized crypto ecosystem for the industry within the long-term period with a social media platform as the cornerstone


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