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Blockchain Development On Waves Platform

Waves is an independent blockchain application platform that enables you to make custom tokens, thereby placing an individuals autonomy over their funds, assets, privacy and personal data. It helps you launch your own cryptocurrencies and decentralized exchange for trade and exchange of newly created tokens with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Our team of experts help you build efficient blockchain solutions on waves platform to help you leverage pristine security, impeccable scrutiny, verifiability and the trustless execution of transactions.

Waves Development

Requirements Gathering

Our team of experts identify your business needs and initiate a custom-designed Waves platform deployment after a careful and thorough analysis of your requirements.


We design the fine blue-print of seamless deployment of your Waves platform to ensure flawless usage and uninterrupted and secure trading.


Building a safe and secure Waves platform encapsulating all your business needs with a major focus on accessibility, decentralization, security and easy integration.

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Yes, it is possible to create a token on the ethereum blockchain, Since ethereum is an open-source blockchain, it has a lot of library packages and has its predefined standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC222, ERC723 and more for developers to create tokens on ethereum.

The “block” in a blockchain refers to a block of transactions that has been broadcast to the network. The “chain” refers to a string of these blocks. When a new block of transactions is validated by the network, it is attached to the end of an existing chain. This chain of blocks is an ever-growing ledger of transactions that the network has validated. We call this single, agreed-upon history of transactions a blockchain. Only one block can exist at a given chain height. There are several ways to add new blocks to an existing chain. These are often termed “proofs,” i.e. Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), and Proof of Authority (PoA). All involve cryptographic algorithms with varying degrees of complexity.

Blockchain is considered a disruptive technology because of its capability to safeguard personal information, eliminate intermediaries, unlock digital assets, and potentially open up the global economy to millions more participants. Sometimes called the Trust Machine, blockchain technology is bringing transparency and security to digital networks across countless industries. In many ways, the blockchain revolution can be considered a revolution in trust.

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