The technologies is evolving and everything,
that's why we built Brugu

Our Values

Enterprise-Grade Security

All data collection endpoints support encryption protocols with the SHA256withRSA signature algorithm


We are hosted on AWS and have build a distributed architecture that keeps our service stable. We guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Customer Success

Our customer success team will work closely with you on event design, campaign management, and product integration to make sure you're successful from day one.


Our ability to process billions of events in milliseconds allows you ot respond to changes in customer behaviour immediately - no matter how large your user base.

Meet Our Leadership


V S Kiran Paturi


Mouttou Viramouttou

Business Analyst

Sivasakthi C

Business Analyst

Passil Vyasagane D

Content Writter

Durai Pandiyan R

Software Tester

Prem Kumar V

Senior Blockchain Developer

Selvendran S

Digital Marketer

Muthumari Sankar

Junior software developer

Yoges Waran L.M

Web designer

Kavitha M

UI / UX Designer

Ajay Das

Human Resources

Kalpana T

Business Analyst

Vishal R

Blockchain Developer

Narasimha K

Digital Marketer


Angular Developer

Giridharan P

Backend Developer

Poovel Rajan

Backend Developer


Backend Developer


Web Designer

Gayathri M

Content Writer

Mohammed Aadhil R

Digital Marketer

Ganesh Kumar

Software Tester

Arockia Raj

Software Tester


Software Tester

Uma Maheswari

Software Developer

Mathan Kumar

Junior Developer

Dinesh Kumar

Business Analyst


Business Analyst


Web designer


Web designer


Junior Developer

Arockia Jabamalai Eldsin

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Working at Brugu means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it. As an individual and as a whole – in a family enterprise that creates fascinating services around the world. Once you experience it, you’ll want to stay.

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