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Exemplary track record of delivering highly stable and quality focused software, web and mobile applications across different market verticals.

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Brugu is a top Quality Assurance & Testing company with over 50,000 man years of experience.

Brugu is a ISO 9001 certified quality assurance & testing company, backed by a strong workforce of 300+ experts providing high-performance quality assurance & testing services of any complexity with incredible competence. Brugu treats on Agile development methodologies and Rational Unified Process practices in its testing services to provide highest quality of software solutions to its clients in shortest time duration. We have 5+ years of experience in quality assurance and testing with an exemplary diary of delivering highly robust and business-centric software and mobile applications to quite 500 clients, including fortune 1000 clients spreads across diverse geographic locations.

Test Strategy

As a part of the test strategy, we create a document that defines the approach for testing. It's basically derived from BRD.

Test Planning

Test planning is completed by deriving a test plan document from SRS and is ready by the test lead/manager.

Test Procedures

Test procedures are written from test cases and consist of a sequence of steps that must be followed for executing a test scenario.

Test Validation

It is the method of evaluating software during or at the top of the event process to work out whether it satisfies all specified requirements.

Our Testing

Automation Testing

Brugu testers write test scripts or use automation testing tools like Selenium to perform automation testing which reduces testing time and increases productivity and software quality.

Security Testing

Security testing identifies the threats in the system and measures its potential vulnerabilities. Brugu's developers detect all possible security risks in the system and fix these problems by writing security codes.

Usability Testing

The primary goal of usability testing is to identify usability problems with a design as early as possible, so they can be fixed before the design is implemented. Brugu does exactly that at the right time.

Core Testing

We have the capability, skills and experience required in core testing with deep industry knowledge. Our testers guarantee the best quality, reliability and seamless usability while providing testing services.

Mobile Testing

Brugu's mobile testing team ensures that all our mobile applications are properly tested on various mobile devices and simulators for a seamless user experience on all devices and resolutions.

Performance Testing

Performance testing ensures software applications will perform well under their expected workload. The goal of performance testing is to eliminate performance bottlenecks and Brugu is specialized in doing that.

Commitment & Guarantee

100% Transparency

At Brugu, we believe in complete transparency with our clients and we keep them fully updated during the entire development production cycle.

95% Ontime Delivery

Our pursuit of agile development methodology have resulted in an enviable 95% on-time delivery track record for the past 5+ years of our operations.

Free 30 Days Support

We take complete responsibility of our work and provide free 30 days support to all our customer even after the software / mobile app has been launched.

Flexible Engagements

Brugu offers tailor-made engagement models, hand crafted to meet the exact requirements of clients with diverse business needs.

24X7 Support

Our communication channels are open 24X7 that connects you with the appropriate team of experts to ensure smooth execution of your project.


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