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Our OTC trading software uses a combination of 2-factor Authentication and Blockchain-verified KYC to give your users the most secure and cryptocurrency trading experience. Get the most feature-packed OTC Exchange solution with Brugu.

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OTC What is an Over-The-Counter Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Think about the foreign exchange market where you can trade different currencies. You might have heard of it by the name of Forex, FX, or currency market. Forex is by far the largest market in the world in terms of trading volume and millions of people trade on it every day. An OTC Cryptocurrency exchange is the same thing but with, yes, you guessed it, cryptocurrencies.

OTC Exchange Platform Development

We’ve been providing high-end software solutions to businesses around the world for years now and we understood a long time ago that Blockchain technology and crypto were the future. That’s exactly why we decided to come forward as an OTC exchange development company and started working on our own OTC trading software. Brugu OTC trading software is the perfect solution for crypto start-ups looking to launch such a platform and the only one of its kind.

Benefits of OTC Trading Software

It’s not just all talk and no show with our OTC trading software.Let’s look at some of the benefits of our OTC trading software.

Multi Crypto Wallet

For any cryptocurrency exchange to be successful, the users have to get the best options to trade. Our OTC trading software provides you with a multi-crypto wallet that can store all popular cryptocurrencies.

Safe and Secure transaction

Our OTC trading software provides you with top-end security when it comes to financial transactions. Additionally, since it runs on the blockchain, all transactions can be easily verified and add an extra level of security.

KYC verification

The crypto circuit often attracts many frauds and money launderers. Blockchain-based KYC verification on our OTC trading platform solves this completely by making it mandatory for all users to submit their KYC information.

Attractive UI

Our OTC exchange development designers have shown all of their creative prowess and have made a user-interface that will definitely turn some heads. Get the most advanced and attractive OTC trading software with Brugu.

Key Features of
our OTC Trading Software


Our OTC trading software is a future-proof solution for any crypto start-up looking to make a mark in the crypto trading scene. It is carefully handcrafted to be scalable and highly reliable, incorporating the latest technology.


TOur OTC trading software is secured using the latest security features that technology has to offer. That, along with the added security and reliability of blockchain, makes this a choice you can’t ever go wrong with.

Ease for Businesses

It’s true, our OTC trading software has the latest technology, built by experts in the OTC exchange development game. But it is also the most user-friendly OTC trading software you will ever come across, and the same goes for your users.


Our OTC trading software is built for all kinds of businesses big and small. It’s not only manageable but highly usable by anyone without much effort. This gives you the maximum amount of flexibility and reliability.

Transaction Flexibility

On Brugu’s OTC trading software, your users can easily transact and trade between all kinds of popular cryptocurrencies. Our platform gives you the maximum amount of flexibility you need to run a successful OTC cryptocurrency trading platform.

Audit transactions

All transactions take place on the immutable and secure storage of blockchain. You can easily audit transactions right inside the admin dashboard and your customers can also do the same with their previous transactions.

Why choose Brugu for OTC Exchange platform development?

A dedicated team with skilled and expert developers

Our OTC exchange development team consists of highly skilled and passionate developers who have dedicated their lives to the business.

Active open-source contributors

The technology on our OTC trading software comes from open-source projects such as the Hyperledger Umbrella, which means that you will get all the latest updates and features, right when they are released.

Highly automated testing process

Our OTC exchange development team applies both hands-on and automated testing processes that detect bugs early, and help troubleshoot any kind of issues before your platform reaches your users.

Proven process on blockchain tools

Our workflow for OTC exchange platform development follows proven processes on blockchain tools. Make a mark in the decentralized markets with Brugu’s OTC trading software.

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