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As a blockchain development company, we are believing together to make the world a smarter place with latest technological trends. That’s almost as good.

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Get expertise over everything you wish to start with!

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A Team Conquer Challenges with a Smart Weapon
We believe that running cryptocurrency exchange business closest to a problem know how to fix it best. That’s why we super-powered blockchain engineers designed strong secured cryptocurrency exchange script with powering features and benefits to start a ready to market business applications.

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Get expertise over everything you wish to start with!


We explore what you can do more by using cryptocurrency exchange development service with brugu.

STO Software

Every successful STO platform offers you to sell any level of blockchain business ideas and concepts to accredited crypto investors

IEO Software

Brugu blockchain development team strategize & develop IEO for all cryptocurrency startups. Right from a basic sprint to a developed product

Cryptocurrency Tax Software

It's mainly focused on bringing data into a stage is the initial step for any crypto dealer attempting to comprehend their exchanges any further.

IEO Development Software

With this tremendous growth and widespread availability of IEO’s, most companies and enterprises can raise revenue.

Trading bot Application

Loaded with the best to automate your crypto trading that adds a security, comfort and convenience layer to trading experts.


It permits you to send, get and store bitcoins and other digital currencies. Cryptographic money wallets are more intelligent with flexible features.

Digital Assets Management

When it comes to digital currency investments, STOs are considered to have a low appetite for risk because of the diversity.

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Blockchain technology stack for efficient enterprise blockchain solutions

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some list of works that speaks about our efforts that brings successful blockchain technolgoy collaboration by elevating brand's aesthetic.

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Expertise in developing web application for you to fulfill your requirement.

Every moment at Brugu is a memory to be cherished. Be it tea breaks, brainstorming sessions, festivals or birthday celebrations, we live and work together, making each moment the best memory with all.

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