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Decentralized Finance(DeFi) Development Solutions

Defi is a sharing platform where the users can trade their funds with smart contracts and also lend or borrow from other users with an interest.

Key Components
Of DeFi

Stable Coins

Stabilizing the funds is easy with stable coins as it does not fall prey to volatility and safeguards the value of the currencies without any loss.

Market Prediction

Predict the probability of the trade outcomes and market prices to make the trade more beneficial and stay away from unwanted transactions.


Secure the cryptocurrency funds with innovative insurance alternatives to assist users in buying coverage and protecting their assets.


Anyone can audit and validate the functionality, security, and capabilities to assure that no hidden malicious coding is operating in the background


The users can trade with specific conditions under which the buyer and seller can transact after agreeing upon avoiding disputes.


Due to the open nature the platform can be easily customized, scaled and upgraded to keep up with the trends of the market.

Latest DeFi Protocols

Brugu offers smart and intuitive DeFi-based borrowing, DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform Development Services that are built with the latest technologies and completely scalable to keep up with the trends in the market. It also includes top DeFi protocols like,

Compound Finance


Yearn finance


Curve Finance

Robust Native Tokens

We create customized tokens with special abilities to carry out complex financial functionality making your platform more advanced. Adding more to the DeFi-based borrowing, lending, and DeFi Staking Platform Development solutions, Brugu offers also helps you in issuing their protocol’s native tokens like,


DAI Token

UNI Token

WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoins)

Compound (COMP Token)

Benefits Of Our Advanced
Decentralized Finance(DeFi) Development

Automated Process

The platform supports automated processing for superfast transactions eliminating the need for manual work which are prone to errors.

Smart Contracts

Smart contacts assure to complete the trade only when the conditions are met providing complete reliability on the exchange avoiding any issues.

Low Transaction Fee

Elimination of third parties or middlemen drastically reduces the transaction fees in the exchange.

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