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dAPP Development Services

Globalization of businesses or process industries is taking an uphill in the marketplace. Despite the geolocations,every business can serve across the globe in their domain and earn good profits. However, setting up a franchise and managing these retailers with brand quality has now become a daunting task.Instead, the new era of Decentralized Applications(dApps) will help you manage the business across the globe with consenus guidelines and protocols. Unlike centralized servers, the dApps will never face single-point failure issues and downtime.dApps are completely reliable, efficient and could operate concurrently with multiple users in the network. In advanced dApp, you can inherit the automated smart contract protocols for repetitive tasks and quality inspection in process industries. Our technical expertise and hands-on experience in the niche can help you attract globalized consumed with top-notch dApps for your business and stay in the competitive next-gen marketplace!

Brugu is a leading blockchain dApp development company with a hands-on portfolio in building various sectors decentralized applications. From scratch to smart contract protocols, our team can help you launch the advanced dApps with high-end security features and customized consenus protocols. Let's spread your business wings with unmatched,unique quality services with next-gen dApps!

MVP Consulting

Brugu holds a proficient team of dApp developers to help you with the POC development of your business idelogy. You can grab a clear idea of potential risks, tech stack, budgeting, and other aspects before developing a real-time applications!

dApp Development

Our team helps you with an advanced compatible codebase for dApps that can be launched in popular OS. We build decentralized applications from scratch,port your existing app to the desired blockchain network with business functionalities.

dApp Upgradation

Business applications require regular updates on features and functionatilies as per market trend. Our team renders top-notch upgrade services with smart contract protocol development, the addition of features, and much more for your dApps.

Blockchain Platforms We Leverage To Build Your dApps

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Evolving from the pseudo-code of Ethereum dApps development, our developers with a keen knowledge of Solidity take extensive care to craft the roadmap. Our blockchain developers are proficient in leveraging the features of the ethereum network to build the best dApps for your business!

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With the Hyperledger blockchain framework, your business can build a trustworthy business model enriched with transparency and security in an open-source network. We utilize the cross-industry compatibility feature of Hyperledger to build wholesome industrial applications!

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If you plan to take care of the maintenance of dApp with your technical team, then the EOS blockchain platform is the perfect tech stack for your enterprise. Our team supports you in building the EOS dApps that are developer-friendly, scalable, and highly secured for business transactions.

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Adopt the next-gen fintech business model with Stellar dApps development. Let our team support you with advanced security features in adopting a stellar framework for your business to perform secured and streamlined digital and fiat transactions.

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If your business is in the steep market trend with regular and long-term up-gradation, then the Tezos network is your ideal solution for dApp development. Our Dapp developers will support you in building the consensus protocols and open-participation of your community audience.

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With Tron dApps development, our blockchain developers have improvized the transactions, scalability, availability, and concurrent users across the network. Our expertise and creative ideas are fused in Tron studio to create visual delight dApps for your business!

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Are you struggling to establish a fair business marketplace with advanced security & consensus protocols? Hashgraph dApps renders you the desired features of a fair, secured business model with asynchronous BFT, gossip protocol, and timestamps. Let’s join hands to build a fair dApp for business!

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Looking for complete privacy and security in business applications? Corda can be the best blockchain framework to build your dApps with flexibility, scalability, and high-level privacy and security. Share your business transactions with authorized people by adopting our Corda dApp development services!

Benefits Of dapp Development For Businesses

Prevents Single-Point Failures

Building a decentralized application helps your business preserve enterprise data from hacks, physical damages, and other threats.


Every business transaction in the dApps would be open to the stakeholders and validators involved. This feature reduces disputes and individual fraudulent acts.


The enterprise community members participating in the dApps governance can maintain their privacy with distributed network data.

Secured Transactions

The authorized members of dApps verify and approve all the P2P & B2B transactions in the business as per the protocols to ensure the security of assets.

Cost-Effective & Efficient

Enterprise Dapps helps manage the quality of products and services efficiently by setting up consensus protocols without the need for a huge workforce.


The distributed network of data and community helps your business to operate round-the-clock without any downtime or performance issues.

Why Choose Us for
Decentralized App Development

The decentralized application developers here at Brugu help the clients to become innovators of blockchain technology.


Early Adopters

We are one of the few early adopters of blockchain technology that provide proper guidance to the customers for the same.


Robust Experience

All our developers have robust experience in creating Dapps for your online businesses using leading technologies.


Complete Satisfaction

After analyzing your requirement and current trends, our skilled developers provide suitable services for your business.


Support & Maintenance

Our round-the-clock presence is always there to offer complete support and maintenance of your D-apps.

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