Top Social Trading Platforms For Beginners

To be a successful Investor in financial markets like stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. you need to be up-to-date with current markets and have the ability to analyze and predict trends plus it requires extensive knowledge and experience.

Beginners can gain huge from their investments and avoid losing money with proper trading skills and knowledge. Social trading could become a viable tool for their journey.

Social Trading and its attractive benefits:

It’s almost like a social network where instead of sharing selfies people share their trading suggestions and tactics on trading networks. In this network, users can follow their favorite trading professional and follow their strategy.

Attractive benefits  of Social Trading Platforms are:

  • Easy access to reliable trading information and interaction with skilled traders.
  • Earn by copying strategies of professional traders while learning to navigate through the trading market
  • Social trading platforms allow you to interact with other investors within the community to share or get information and tips.

Popular Platforms for Social Trading:

In this blog, we described both modern/crypto social trading platforms and traditional trading platforms:

1. Spiking

Spiking is the nitty-gritty of the trading market exclusively designed to help the average investor. It allows the average trader to follow the Investors like Warren Buffett and provide verified real-time updates so that investors can make an informed decision before trading on stock markets. It uses blockchain spike protocol and has around 170,000 investors.\

It enables you to see active stocks in NASDAQ, Dow Jones, NYSE, AMEX, S&P, and others and get notifications when friends buy or sell stocks.

In spiking, users can learn about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies with its Certified Smart Trader (CST) program and pay for the program using their  Spike Tokens which are rewarded as an incentive for all transactions on the protocol.

2. Coinmatics

A copy trading and analytical platform through which profit from crypto markets can be made as easy as pie. It connects traders, investors, and facilitates. The automatic execution of copy trading strategies. 

Automatic and Manual are the two different copy trading methods.

Professional traders can obtain profit from the subscribed investors who want to follow their strategies whereas copy traders/investors can subscribe to professional strategies submitted by professionals. Copying of strategies can be done manually or automatically based on their preferences.

Coinmatics is completely free both for traders and copy traders.

3. TradingView

TradingView, a cloud as well as a web-based social trading platform for Forex traders  that offers incredible charting tools and social components for budding investors.

Traders can consult with their peers and with advanced traders about the current market trends in real time. Like Minded traders can share and publish their trading ideas because the goal is to support each other to prosper as traders.

4. Covesting

Covesting enables new investors to connect with skilled traders to earn profits in the crypto market.It is supported by blockchain and smart contracts  for operations. Users can follow a seasoned  trader and copy their strategies according to their profit goals to make huge profits. They can read an overview of traders and their strategy reviews before choosing their desired one.Also, they can subscribe to many professionals at once  and skilled traders benefit from profit sharing from an investor.

Social trading enables free flow of information to help beginners to make informed trading decisions through leveraging on the power of the community.

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