How To Create Your Own Blockchain-Based NFT Game Like Zed Run

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a trendsetter in the digital world in recent years. The way cryptocurrencies and NFTs have grown in recent years is simply amazing. Many business models are benefiting. of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are highly flexible, often developed on multiple blockchain platforms, integrating with multiple development protocols.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of NFTs is the ability to combine appealing blockchain games with non-fungible tokens. The gaming industry has taken full advantage of non-fungible tokens. NFT games have played an important role in the popularity of NFTS within the crypto ecosystem.

Some of the most popular NFT games include Zen Run, Cryptokittens, Gods Unchained, and Decentraland, to name a few. From cards to horses to football, the possibilities for NFT games are endless.

Horse racing in particular is booming because horses are the NFTs. Many companies invest in betting games related to horse racing, such as Zen Run. Thanks to its fan base, Zed Run’s popularity skyrocketed within three years of its launch.

Digital horse racing NFT game – Zed Run.

Zed Run is a blockchain-based game focused on digital horse racing. The game is very similar to real horse racing, where people make money by racing horses. Zed Run is nothing but a digitized version of horse racing. Digital horses in Zed Run are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). All horses in the game are unique, while training and breeding them to a higher level to increase their racing performance. After that, it’s up to the owner of the digital horse to keep it or sell it on the NFT marketplace.

Digital horses are traded just like other NFTs on any open marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible or others.

Zed Run not only allows horse racing, but also the breeding of racehorses. The NFTs developed on Zed Run are called “Breathing NFTs.” These non-fungible tokens are developed to have DNA that is passed to the next generation of Zed or horses through the algorithm developed on this platform.

How does Zed Run work?

The digital horses in the game are very similar to real horses. They have different characteristics, uniqueness and performance levels. These digital horses are divided into six breeds: Genesis, Exclusive, Pacer, Cross Elite and Legendary. Among these breeds, the Genesis breed is the first generation of horses with a total number of 38,000 releases on the platform.

In NFT games like Zed Run, the horses have four different bloodlines – Nakamoto, Sazbo, Finny and Buterin. The breeding process allows this bloodline to release a mix of 28 possible outcomes, and therefore the spread between the horses and their pedigree is labelled Z1-Z28. It certifies the rarity and quality of the horses. The lowest number represents the closest pedigree and the higher it is, the further it is from the pedigree. For example, a horse with the number Z1 is very rare and high quality.

NFT games like Zed Run have prompted many companies and entrepreneurs to develop their own blockchain games. To create an efficient blockchain-based NFT game like Zed Run, you need a top-notch NFT development company. At Brugu, we help companies develop their own blockchain games like Zed Run.

Components of a Zed Run-like NFT platform.

A Zed Run-like NFT game is supported by essential components such as a marketplace, breeding, races, and attributes that are central to the development of the game.

Marketplace: The marketplace is the platform where digital horses can be purchased for ETH.

Breeding: As in the real world, you can breed two horses and produce offspring.

Racing: The racing component involves many processes during the development of the game. By racing and winning against other competitors/other digital horses, players can earn great rewards and enjoy the benefits of increased value for their NFTs.

Attributes: The attribute component provides data on horse supply and rarity, bloodline, and zed environment.

When selecting a company to develop a Zed Run-like NFT game for you, make sure that the company is capable of developing all the components needed to run the platform efficiently.

Why choose Brugu to develop an NFT game like Zed Run?

At Brugu, we develop NFT marketplaces integrated with various blockchains and development protocols. Our primary goal is to develop these marketplaces in line with business needs. We develop Zed Run-like marketplaces using three methods – by providing end-to-end marketplace services, by enabling our white label solution, and by providing a Zed Run clone development platform.

Brugu, the leading NFT marketplace development company, has a strong team of developers capable of developing interesting NFT games like Zed Run for various use cases.

We are also developing several NFT projects that use Blockchain as a core operational framework. The Zed Run clone script is presented to the cryptosphere with the actual benefits of the original blockchain-powered NFT game. We also provide white-label solutions for various Platforms such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Tron and others, providing various applications for a wide audience.

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