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The need for combatting the volatility of the crypto market was one of the reasons for the introduction of the stablecoin. In the past years, stablecoin has gained immense popularity, especially in terms of daily trading volumes where the risks of unpredictability is high. Its low cost global reach and speed have attracted interest from investors across the globe while its seamless ability for payments towards blockchain-based assets has given it a significant push in the crypto market.

What Is Stablecoin?

Stablecoins are digital assets whose value is linked to the value of another money, commodity or financial instrument. Stablecoins are designed to be an alternative to the volatility of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), which has made such investments not too suitable for widespread use in transactions.

The rise of secure, efficient and trustless stablecoins provides a foundation for the creation of a distributed ecosystem of markets, loans and insurance. Payment for numerous DApps would also raise stablecoin’s anticipation and promotion.

Features Of A Stablecoin:

  1. Decentralization: Decentralization, which is one of the primary characteristics of a stablecoin architecture, is an  important feature. You don’t have any authority over the stablecoin flow. Furthermore, stablecoin trade is not limited to a single location, reducing the risk of disruptions following hostile hacking efforts. The transaction data is stored by all stablecoin holders in the network, ensuring that transaction data is dispersed throughout the network.
  1. Privacy: Rather than relating to the identity of the owners, stablecoin transactions are associated with a random string of characters. Organizations or individuals could not be linked to the ownership of a stablecoin or related contracts. Stablecoins have no links to corporate or personal data, boosting their ability to provide anonymity.
  1. Transparency: Because stablecoins are based on blockchain, they are incredibly transparent, with all network members having access to transactions.
  1. Liquidity: You can also raise funds by selling liquid assets in a stable currency. When the price rises, more tokens are produced to ensure stability.
  1. Energy Efficient: Stablecoins create an ecosystem that allows for faster consensus and lower energy use while increasing transaction throughput.
  1. There are no intermediaries: One of the most notable characteristics of stablecoins is the absence of intermediaries. Stablecoins, like cryptocurrencies, eliminate the fees and restrictions associated with governmental control, regulations and other centralized entities. Stablecoin owners, unlike cryptocurrency owners, have the assurance of safety because their coins are backed by stable assets such as fiat currencies.

Why Use Stablecoins?

Stablecoins are beneficial because they make it easier for consumers to transact in cryptocurrencies that serve as investments, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. They provide a link between volatile cryptocurrencies and stable real-world assets such as fiat currency.
Hence, they provide owners with a secure storage option for their holdings. Unpegged cryptocurrencies can also be converted to stablecoins quickly and efficiently. These chats are also less expensive because payment processing companies and banks do not charge fees.

How Does Brugu Simplify Your Stablecoin Development?

Our range of stablecoin services includes both development and consulting. Here’s a rundown of everything we  offer:

Stablecoin Consulting: We can assist you in developing the best business strategy for your stablecoin.

Ideation and Creation of Whitepapers: We help  in developing easy-to-read whitepapers that cover key project specifics.

Development of Fiat-Backed Tokens: Fiat-supported stablecoins are more stable since they are backed by the government. By pegging Euro, Yen, USD, GBP and other currencies, Brugu can help you generate fiat-backed tokens.

Real Estate-Backed Token Development: Brugu can assist you with pegging your stablecoin to real estate so that high-liquid tokens can be exchanged for real estate.

Tokens Backed by Gemstones: Create tokens backed by gemstones such as gold and diamonds that may be traded for real gems.

Payment-Related Services: Brugu also provides other technical and marketing services, besidespayment-related services, which include a variety of payment choices.

KYC/AML Services: KYC/AML services on investor profiles to offer an extra layer of protection.

Stablecoin Marketing: Stablecoin marketing includes social media marketing, PR outreach, influencer outreach and email marketing to develop a growth strategy for stablecoins to reach the desired investors.

Community Support Management: Using ticketing systems, instant messengers and support forums, community support management assists members.

Brugu can assist you in tapping into a multibillion-dollar market. Our development services are tailored to your requirements, and our team of professionals is on hand to help you along the way. From the initial concept to the final delivery, Brugu collaborates with you to provide the support you require so that you can achieve your business objectives while achieving outstanding outcomes!

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Brugu team contributes the time on blockchain research to gain knowledge and maintains consistency in implementing the best practices on development of software".The team develops decentralized business applications and blockchain technology integrated business solutions to transform and improve traditional business processes. Every obstacle to start blockchain business has to be abolished if we want to build a better and brighter business growth.

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