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Brugu, one of the first Stablecoin Development Company, offers end-to-end Stablecoin development services including creation, trading, and marketing.

The emergence of secure, efficient, trustless stablecoins provides a platform to develop an overall distributed ecosystem of markets, loans, and insurance. Also, payment for various DApps would increase the anticipation and advocacy of stablecoin. 

  • Stable Cryptocurrency
  • 100% Backed by Assets
  • Fully Transparent
  • Highly Secure

Why do we need Stablecoins?

Cryptocurrencies values highly fluctuate over time. In that context, Stablecoins provide stability in prices as they are backed by the reserve of assets. As a result of this, Stablecoins give owners a safe place to store their assets. Consumers can also easily and quickly convert unpegged cryptocurrencies to Stablecoins. These conversations are also less expensive as it eliminates the fees of payment processing providers and banks.

Important features of Stable Coin:

No Volatility:

Transform the financial industry with a currency that is stable and secure for businesses to sustain in the ever-changing monetary values.

Financial Inclusion:

Financial services are no longer an elitist. Blockchain technology ensures that everyone has equal access to financial institutions.

Resilient Stablecoin:

The asset-backed cryptocurrency is designed to maintain a stable value across jurisdictions without a change in value.


Raise funds using assets with liquidity in a stable form of money. Additional tokens are minted to maintain stability when the price increases.

Increased Exposure:

The trading happens on margins due to the opening of collateralized debt obligation(CDO) thereby increasing the exposure to the underlying asset.

Governance Token:

The responsibility lies with the token holder to make risk-based decisions influencing the health of the ecosystem of the stable coin.

User-friendly Mining:

Cloud-based mining ensures that miners do not require sophisticated equipment to mine the gold-backed or currency-backed cryptos.

Energy Efficient:

Builds an ecosystem to orchestrate consensus at a faster speed with reduced energy usage while having higher transactions throughput.

Widespread Integration:

Stablecoins are a crypto-to-fiat currency that enjoys widespread acceptance in the exchanges.


Based on blockchain, Stablecoins are extremely transparent, with all the members of the network having access to transactions.

Stable Coin Development Services:

Fiat-backed Cryptocurrency:

Peg your cash reserves such as USD, Euro, or Japanese Yen and create a stable currency backed with assets. Each coin or token issue represents 1 USD or 1 Euro or 1 Yen.

Commodity-collateralized Stablecoin Development:

Commodity-collateralized coins are more likely to be inflated than fiat-backed stablecoins and backed by precious metals like gold, silver, For example, a cryptocurrency issued represents the value of gold i.e. 1 gram of gold equals 1 crypto. This gram of gold is secure with a third party and can be traded. Their values are fixed based on commodities and redeemable for more or less on demand. Such coins are stable and trustworthy, centralized, and need auditing.

As an experienced stable coin development company, our expertise lies in building stablecoins backed by valuables like diamonds, gold, silver, and more.

How does Brugu make your stablecoin development very simple?

Our spectrum of Stablecoin services includes both developmental as well as consultancy services. Here’s a list of our offerings:

Stablecoin Consulting:

Our expertise can help you create the right business strategy for your Stablecoin.

Whitepaper Ideation and Creation:

Brugu can help you create easy-to-read whitepapers covering essential details of the projects.

Fiat-Backed Token Development:

Fiat-backed Stablecoins are more stable, as they have the authority of government. Brugu can help you create fiat-backed tokens by pegging Euro, Yen, USD, GBP, and more.

Real Estate-Backed Token Development:

Brugu can help you peg your Stablecoin with Real Estate so that the tokens with high liquidity can be exchanged for Real Estate.

Gemstones-Backed Token Development:

Build tokens backed by gemstones, including gold and diamond and tokens can be exchanged for real gemstones.

Payment-Related Services:

Brugu offers other technical and marketing services like Payment-Related Services with numerous payment options to increase revenue

KYC/AML Services:

KYC/AML Services on the profiles of investors to ensure a tighter layer of security

Stablecoin Marketing:

Stablecoin Marketing to prepare a growth  strategy for Stablecoins to reach the desired investors including Social Media Marketing, PR Outreach, Influencer Outreach, and Email Marketing

Community Support Management:

Community Support Management support members using ticketing systems, instant messengers, and support forums

Our focus is to answer your queries quickly and to the point, and we’re determined to do that!

Decentralized Stablecoin Development:

Decentralized Stablecoins emerged to control the price volatility. It has plenty of use cases in the market and provides financial freedom. It will be supported by real-world assets. The holders of a Decentralized Stablecoin can also participate in the governance of a blockchain network.

At Brugu, we create a Decentralized Stablecoin that is crypto-based like DAI. It can be integrated with wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi platforms, games and also used for global remittances. It is backed by traditional currencies and commodities. The funds will be locked up in Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts ensuring high economic incentives.

The main advantages of our Decentralized Stablecoin are instant processing of transactions, steady maintenance of value, a margin trading facility for responding to the changing market conditions, completely free from the intervention of central authorities, highly resistance to transaction censorship, the absence of any middlemen, low trading costs, offers protection against economic downturns, and the absence of governance risks.

Types of tokens developed by Brugu:


Tradeable tokens represent the core of the stablecoin and the value is retained close to the pegged asset.

Bond tokens:

Bond Tokens or simply bonds are non-tradeable tokens created when the price of the basis coins declines, and are redeemed upon tokens returning to and trading above par.

Share Tokens:

Share tokens are a fixed number of basic shares, issued to curb the price of the token if it rises after the redemption of all the bond tokens.


Brugu helps you tap into the billion-dollar market. Our development services are designed to cater to your needs, and our team of experts is available for support throughout the journey. From the first inception of the idea to the final delivery, Brugu works in tandem with you to give you the guidance you need. So that you accomplish your company goals while driving fantastic business results!

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