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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic of conversation in the current business world. We are coming from a digital era where many industries are moving towards assimilating cryptocurrencies for their business due to high efficiency, faster and cheaper transactions. In particular, a peer-peer exchange platform goes hand-in-hand with a decentralized, highly secure and transparent transaction process.

At Brugu, we have a team of blockchain experts who have worked with various companies and helped them successfully achieve their goals.

We provide reliable white-label solutions and strive to build you a robust, scalable P2P exchange platform with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features.

Multiple cryptocurrencies

Our platform is integrated with multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

Multilingual support

The platform offers multilingual support, allowing global access to your P2P platform. We intend to provide the best user experience for every customer from every corner of the world.


Dominant Trading Engine Our team of experienced developers provides you with a powerful, highly secure trading engine that can automatically match buyers and sellers without any time delay.

Automated KYC & AML verification

Automated KYC/AML allows administrators to verify user profiles quickly and efficiently, which helps prevent fraud and ensure authentic users for the exchange.

Crypto Swaps Payment Gateway Integration.

The crypto swap option allows users to conduct a reliable trading process with no third parties involved. Transactions can be executed or completely eliminated to avoid contract violations.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication features, such as email authentication or Google 2FA, are enabled for both the administrator and users to conduct secure transactions.

Customers can send and receive currencies via various payment methods within the platform for fast and efficient transactions.

Multi-currency Wallet Admin Panel

Users can store multiple currencies in the wallet, which comes with advanced security features.

A secure admin panel is built in for efficient management of important components like escrow and dispute management.

Preferred Trading

This feature allows customers to choose their preferred sellers and vice versa. This ensures a secure and smooth trading process.

Working process of the P2P exchange platform

  • User registration
  • KYC/AML verification
  • Placement of an order
  • Creation of a wallet address
  • Order matching between buyers and sellers
  • Confirmation of order by buyers and sellers
  • Buyer makes payment for the purchase
  • Confirmation of payment by the seller
  • Escrow releases the asset and transfers it to the buyer’s wallet
  • The buyer stores the asset in the cold wallet

Our P2P exchange platform development process

Step 1 – Research, requirements gathering and preparation of the exchange that fits your business model.

Step 2 – Essential technology integrations such as UX /U1 that enhance security and ensure regulatory compliance depending on the location of the exchange company.

Step 3 – Installation of the trading engine.

Step 4 – Integration of various blockchains into the platform.

Step 5 – Listing of tokens/coins.

Step 6 – Deployment of the exchange platform.

How does a P2P cryptocurrency exchange work?

A peer-to-peer exchange platform is fully decentralized. This eliminates the need for third party involvement to manage client funds and an order book to manage buy/sell requests. Instead, customers can exchange and manage their funds directly among themselves.

What are the advantages of a P2P exchange?

A P2P exchange is very beneficial as it helps clients with highly secure, fast, efficient and seamless transactions. Since there is no third party involved, it is risk-free, hassle-free, time-saving and cost-effective.. 

How much does it cost to build a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange?

The cost of building a P2P exchange varies from client to client, depending on the desired features and customization preferences. However, purchasing ready-made white label solutions costs far less than purchasing equipment and building the exchange from scratch.

What are the advantages of a p2p cryptocurrency exchange?

The advantages of a p2p cryptocurrency exchange are numerous. Some of the most important are direct, globalised transactions, improved user privacy, fraud prevention, cost-effective transactions, improved security, etc.

How to develop a P2P crypto exchange platform?

Developing a P2P crypto exchange platform from scratch costs a lot of time and money and involves technical factors. The better choice is to get white-label solutions for P2P exchange from a reputable company that are reliable, fast to deploy, equipped with high-quality technical elements, and cost-effective.

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