How to Create an NBA Top Shot Style NFT Marketplace

Digital collectibles are currently causing a stir in the thriving sports market. NBA Top Shot is a well-known NFT exchange that runs on the Flow blockchain. Basketball fans can buy a range of sets and packs featuring their favorite players, teams and games. According to DAppRadar, the Online NFT trading platform has a daily trading volume of $490,961. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this unique opportunity to create their own NBA Top Shot marketplace. Tell Brugu Software Solutions about your ambitious business goals and let them help you achieve them.

A detailed look at the NBA Top Shot NFT market.

Basketball fans can buy, collect and trade rare moments from the sport’s illustrious past. Users of the NFT marketplace, such as NBA Top Shot, can earn great prizes by completing various challenges. Investors can buy starter or booster packs depending on their needs. They can also explore different times, follow their favorite teams, and get notified via social media when new crypto collectibles are released.

The NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace is controlled and managed by Dapper Labs, a Canadian blockchain company. All sports enthusiasts can purchase digital memorabilia that is 100 percent licensed and approved by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in New York.

The main features of the NBA Top Shot Market

The online trading platform NFT consists of three parts (All Offers, Find a Moment and Latest Sales). Basketball fans can also buy the most valuable deals, nuggets moments and latest moments. They can further refine their search by providing information about the players, sets and teams.

The image of the newly purchased NFT, the names of the buyers and owners, the price and the time are available in real time in the Latest Sales section. In addition, sports fans can get valuable information about the number of crypto collectibles (for sale, hidden in packs, not for sale and not available for purchase).

Basketball fans can look up information about players such as age, date of birth, height, weight and the year they were drafted in the NBA draft. They can access information such as average points for the game, defensive rebounds (DREB), number of blocks and steals, offensive rebounds (OREB), field goal percentage (FG), number of free throws made (FTM) and 3-point attempts (3PA), and turnover percentage (TOV).

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