Role of blockchain play in the insurance industry

Blockchain technology has already transformed the operations of more than 19 industries.

The insurance industry is finding it difficult to control all its operations in an organized way but blockchain’s transparency and higher security will help insurers save time and money, as well as enhance client satisfaction.

Blockchain improves trust, stability, and transparency of data which creates trustworthiness in insurance sectors. Now, let us look at how the blockchain saves the insurance industry from basic issues like stability and trustlessness.

Now we will discuss everything in detail in the blockchain role in the insurance industry. Moreover, I assure you that, when you finish reading this entire article, you will get knowledge on how Blockchain could transform the insurance Industry.

What is blockchain and how does it help the insurance industry to overcome its challenges?

Blockchain – A specific type of database that stores data in blocks which are then chained together. It is a single tool to improve and transform the insurance sector.

The crucial challenges that the insurance industry faces in current days are restricted growth in markets for the insurance industry, fraudulent assert activities, events of third-party payments and transactions, and difficulties in holding huge amounts of data.

Blockchain improves security and transparency in the insurance sector as described below:


Blockchain utilizes a public ledger that can withstand duplicate transactions by observing each transaction. With the decentralized digital system, blockchain can prove the authentication of clients, policies, and transactions by continuing historical records. It creates a complication for hackers to steal data.

Smart Contracts:

According to Accenture, only one-third of customers trust insurers. Lack of trust and transparency between actors is the main challenge in this sector. This lack of trust is mutual and fraudsters make false claims to receive money or force insurers to put extra resources for validating every claim. Trust problems can be at least partially eliminated and administrative costs can be reduced using smart contracts.

Human interference can be avoided using smart contracts which mitigates the risk of manipulation by the mediator, increasing transparency, speeds up claim processing, lowers administrative costs for the insurer.

All these factors help companies to lower premiums thus increasing market share. Both insurers and clients are completely aware of agreement information, as policies are securely stored on the blockchain.

Data Handling:

A large amount of data is stored by blockchain. The benefit of blockchain is that it can store a large amount of static data /records without a central authority and the data can be viewed by all individuals attached to the blockchain. This kind of smooth record can make transactions more accurate and risk evaluation.


During critical occasions such as natural disasters, reinsurance aids insurers to handle large numbers of claims coming at once. To protect themselves during disasters, Insurers can purchase coverage from reinsurers. The current reinsurance process is completely complex and inefficient. Blockchain technology can elevate the current reinsurance processes by organizing the flow of information between reinsurers and insurers on a shared database. PwC estimates that blockchain can help the reinsurance sector secure up to $10 billion by improving operational efficiency.

Future Innovations in the insurance sector using blockchain:

In the near future, blockchain technology improves and simplifies all the functions of the insurance sector along with making numerous profitable alterations like increasing market share by reducing premiums with its transparency and security

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