Blockchain City Game Case Study

Blockchain city is a NFT based metaverse game that replaces the traditional social platforms for NFT trading and developed with engaging content where the users can earn money by winning.

Blockchain City Game

The aim of this project is to give NFT enthusiasts and gamers an opportunity to earn by simply playing and winning the game which can contribute to the progress of NFT based platforms. The whole project was completed using a solid blueprint developed by a team of experts at Brugu Software solutions. Players can earn Annual percentage yield paid in $BCC token by staking their $BCC token rewards. Players can also provide liquidity to Uniswap land to earn extra rewards.


The motive of this concept is to develop and promote a game based NFT platform where the users can earn money according to their gaming skills and interests. Players can use money to buy $BCC tokens which can be used to buy land within the game and from other players within the Blockchain City open world. Players can purchase in-app contents like vehicles, weapons ,armour using their tokens to win against their competitors. Land owner's receive $BCC tokens from the in-game revenue and user transactions.


To deliver an interaborable metaverse, Blockchain city game is initiated by developing a website that explains how players can earn money and sell or trade their tokens.

It will allow the users to mint the genesis land as NFT which can be sold once the game launches.

The users can also connect their Wallet to buy or save their earnings.

Batching process of NFTs are done using ERC-1155 and smart contracts are built into the blockchain to speed up the minting process.

Why did they approach experts like Brugu?

The Client had only the idea and they needed experienced blockchain enthusiasts like Brugu to develop a more detailed concept and an attractive website, better marketing solutions and team of skilled developers and testers. Brugu understood their problems , expanded their ideas based on current NFT trends and provided them with appropriate solutions.


Blockchain city game is an engaging experience for all the gamers and NFT community members where users get rewards according to their trading and gaming skills. Brugu Software solutions has partnered with the client for future business deals

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