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Blockchain PoC Development
For Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS And Other Platforms

A blockchain proof of concept is a straw-man design for gauging the applicability of blockchain technology on an idea. Startups, Enterprises & Governments adopt this strategy to save on time & money for proving the idea they have.

Before investing in a PoC, try and seek answers for the following questions.
  1. Are you sure about the technical & economical feasbility of your decentralization idea?
  2. Have you decided the blockchain platform (Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Corda or others) for your idea, or not sure?
  3. Do you have clarity on choosing a public blockchain v/s a permissioned blockchain with enough research?
  4. Have you thought about node orchestration?
  5. Does your idea involve multiple non-trusted parties?
  6. How many transactions per second do you envision for your project?

Just some questions that should be answered prior to PoC development. Reach out to us today for a free 30-min consultation!

Why Engage Us For Blockchain PoC Development?

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In-house blockchain team​

Experienced in-house team of blockchain solution architects, native blockchain developers & functional consultants

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4+ years of experience in software projects

Unmatched delivery experience for global software projects in governments, enterprise & startups.

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Active open source contributions

Inherent love for open-source and collaboration.

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Multiple Blockchain Platform Experience

Specialized in Ethereum, Hyperledger (Fabric, Composer, Indy, Sawtooth), EOS, Corda, TRON.

3 Steps For Developing A Blockchain PoC

1. Identifying the right use-case

Workshop style brain storming to fine tune the idea. The aim is to identify a business case for using blockchain technology, which primarily revolves around immutability, trust issues, transparency, peer to peer transactions.

We also leverage our past blockchain experience in BFSI, DeFi, Governments, O&G, Automobile, Education, Supply Chains to come up with ROI driven ideas on the use-case

2. Designing Blockchain Architecture

Next step is to start designing the technical architecture which includes answers to critical components like:

  • Choice of implementation – public blockchain, private blockchain or permissioned
  • Choice of blockchain platform – Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth, Indy, EOS, TRON or others.
  • Node Orchestration Strategy – whether to use existing test-networks or churn up a custom node network for the POC
  • Data Modelling Strategy – how to model data in coordination with existing data systems of the customer
3. Development & Execution

Post the design phase, our development team starts the laborious process of blockchain programming depending upon the scope of the POC / MVP. This also includes deciding upon the technology stack of off-chain components – choosing between MEAN stack, MERN stack or others.

Software Development Approach

We deliver highest level of customer service by deploying innovative and collaborative project management systems to build the most professional, robust and highly scalable web & mobile solutions with highest quality standards.

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Yes, it is possible to create a token on the ethereum blockchain, Since ethereum is an open-source blockchain, it has a lot of library packages and has its predefined standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC222, ERC723 and more for developers to create tokens on ethereum.

The “block” in a blockchain refers to a block of transactions that has been broadcast to the network. The “chain” refers to a string of these blocks. When a new block of transactions is validated by the network, it is attached to the end of an existing chain. This chain of blocks is an ever-growing ledger of transactions that the network has validated. We call this single, agreed-upon history of transactions a blockchain. Only one block can exist at a given chain height. There are several ways to add new blocks to an existing chain. These are often termed “proofs,” i.e. Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), and Proof of Authority (PoA). All involve cryptographic algorithms with varying degrees of complexity.

Blockchain is considered a disruptive technology because of its capability to safeguard personal information, eliminate intermediaries, unlock digital assets, and potentially open up the global economy to millions more participants. Sometimes called the Trust Machine, blockchain technology is bringing transparency and security to digital networks across countless industries. In many ways, the blockchain revolution can be considered a revolution in trust.

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