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Solution Starting with the QCKX token
Industry Crypto Exchange Token
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Developing a set of platforms for a global community to make major crypto related activities easier to reach under a single roof which assists multiple operations such as Mining and Exchange.


Quickx.io was planned into certain phases as there a multiple platforms needed to be developed.
Starting with the QCKX token, multipurpose software wallet and a mining interface to adapt with a smart watch which then followed by a decentralized exchange platform.
Mining interface development

Mining interface development is more simpler to proceed whereas the interface to adapt with smart watches makes things quite advanced and less simpler than the former. Making it secure and making it adaptable to the kind of device is a complex process which was carried out with a clear set of tasks and adapting Agile methodology. Making the module secure and functional was carried out simultaneously that resulted in a successful product.

Decentralized QCKX exchange

Decentralized exchange is scheduled with the roadmap that was planned and the development was executed during the course of the entire progress. Decentralized exchange with a powerful trading engine capable of executing trade in a seamless way fulfilled the entire package of quickx.

Software wallet

Quickx Software wallet is designed as proposed as a simple and efficient wallet platform software that should be used globally with ease and less difficulty in understanding the functioning of the system. Software wallet development was further enhanced deep in terms of performance and improves the shortcomings of other wallet software generally have.


QuickX is planned with a better roadmap and executed with a proper schedule for launching each planned release. The case study of QuickX is a better testimony for any kind of longterm project interms of execution and launching.

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