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How Can I Achieve 100% Accuracy and Security in HealthCare Processing Using Blockchain Applications

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Healthcare is one of the foremost mission-critical industries all of the time, Isn’t it? It saves lives but also features a responsibility to require care of the patient, suits any legal requirements, adds tandem with insurance and other service providers, and yet delivers when the time is of the essence. All of those processes are hooked into data and the way soon can professionals access it. On the opposite hand, this data is extremely personal and sensitive. this needs the utmost care when it involves the safety of a part of it.  

The Identification Dichotomy

The dichotomy here is that identification and querying of a patient’s historical medical data are important permanently healthcare services but also are a hindrance due to the tediousness of knowledge collection, vulnerability of traditional data storage methods and smooth transferring of knowledge whenever a patient visits different doctors, hospitals or insurance providers.

The process of identification and historical data recovery has got to be faster but also secure.

The Blockchain solution

Blockchain solves these problems because intentionally it’s a distributed database that encrypts data with a  unique identity which will be written by many entities but belongs to the patient and maybe retrieved only if the identity is established and verified by multiple nodes.  

The design of a blockchain allows a patient’s data to be stored, and when a patient authenticates, it is often transferred to any clinic, hospital, insurance firm or the patient’s computer.

Companies like Brugu Software Solutions committed to offering 100% secured protocols that provide quick access to the present data via integration with biometric verification systems. it’s all the advantages of a blockchain – security, anonymity and decentralized data storage – but none of the danger of a standard database getting hacked. This also eliminates the necessity for the patient to enter their details multiple times saving tons of your time for everybody involved.

A patient has to register once with the system to feed their demographic and historical data which will be secured and authenticated using a biometric id. The patient can then keep adding/storing more details as and once they visit a clinic or any medical service provider by just scanning their biometric id.

A visit to a clinic is going to be simplified since the patient doesn’t need to carry the historical documents or verbally tell the doctor their medical background. they only scan their fingers and therefore the clinic is going to be ready to download the relevant medical data stored on the blockchain. This makes it simpler for the patient also because of the clinic.

The information transferred is hashed – which suggests split into packets and encrypted – so nobody could interpret it or read it albeit the knowledge on the network is hacked. Hashing makes the knowledge anonymous.

Key pain points addressed

The key pain points are addressed here. The service providers have one sign-in and every one of the patients’ records are often accessed through that. there’s no mistake in patient identity, accuracy is that the main advantage here.

This system also allows the user to have their data and control who has access to their data at any given point in time.

The system by Duality Solutions called No ID also integrates with popular Personal Health Record management solutions. More open systems on the blockchain mean more collaboration and more transparency for the patient.


The dichotomy of security versus ease-of-use and transparency are often solved with blockchain. The technology is the way forward for patient enrolment, medical records, and repair within the healthcare industry. Interoperability is the key to collaboration in healthcare and therefore the creation of a trustless transfer environment with blockchain is the way forward. 

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